New York State is at the brink of an eviction crisis that could lead many tenants into homelessness.  Governor Cuomo has FAILED to pass legislation that provides sufficient rent and mortgage relief to ALL tenants & homeowners and as of October 1 courts are open for cases to resume. Though there is a partial federal eviction moratorium through December and some protections through the Tenant Safe Harbor Act, which prevents evictions for unpaid rent for tenants that can prove they’ve faced financial hardship, this leaves thousands of tenants vulnerable to evictions.  This only means we have to organize at the local level.

In order to fight back against the eviction crisis that is brewing, we are organizing our neighbors to form an eviction defense project.  We’re training members and giving them the resources to organize their blocks so that we can create a wide local network that can respond quickly to potential illegal evictions, landlord harassment, and marshals evictions that have been ordered through the court. Through this network, we’ll also be able to quickly defend ourselves from other forces that oppress our most vulnerable neighbors, such as the police and ICE.

Join the Ridgewood Tenants Union and register for the trainings below. Help us build tenant power in Ridgewood, Maspeth, Middle Village and Glendale. Let’s keep each other safe.

Thank you to our partners with Take Root Justice & the Housing Data Coalition.