We’re in a public health crisis and neighbors in Ridgewood, Queens and surrounding neighborhoods are coming together


On Monday, March 16 members of the Ridgewood Tenants Union placed a call for members in our community who wanted to come together to build up a mutual aid network in Ridgweood. We are in the process of creating that infrastructure. We know that mutual aid is not about charity, but about providing support to one another while working to build the community we envision living in and demanding those in power provide everyone with the resources they need to live with dignity.

The Ridgewood Tenants Union is an all-volunteer and independent anti-gentrification group formed in 2014 in Ridgewood, Queens. We are not a 501(c)(3)

We are raising some funds!

We’re raising funds to prepare for the coming weeks and months. The novel coronavirus has created a public health crisis that has left many living in uncertainty and it is scary and many of our neighbors will be left unable to meet their needs as days pass. The funds raised from this campaign will be put to good use by supporting those neighbors that are in need of resources and also to help with the purchase of safety materials that will help make our mutual aid possible.

CLICK HERE for up to date tracking information on donations we have received so far.

Want to join us?

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